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National Research Journal Of Business Economics (Print Journal)


Aim & Scope

National Research Journal of Business Economics (NRJBE) is a refereed academic journal, publishing research articles in the field of Business Administration, Economics, and Related fields. The aim of NRJBE is to provide an intellectual platform for Business Economics related social-scientific studies, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for Business and Economic inquiry could be presented and debated. NRJBE also aims to promote interdisciplinary studies over the issues of theo-retical, practical, and historical importance in dealing with problems in Business and Economics and become the leading Business and Economics journal in India . NRJBE welcomes not only Indian au-thors, but also authors from all over the world. NRJBE will promote the cooperation and communica-tion among the academics and practitioners interested in Indian Business and Economics.

ISSN No. (Print) : 2349-2015 Print
ISSN No. (Online) : 0000-0000
Periodicity : Biannual
Publisher : National Press Associates (NPA)
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