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National Research Journal Of Sales & Marketing Management


Aim & Scope

The National Research Journal of Sales & Marketing Management (NRJSMM) is devoted to the explo-ration and contribution of the knowledge about dynamic areas of sales & marketing by publishing the-oretical and empirical scientific articles from India and with different approaches. As the Journal co-vers the large field of interest, it is designed to examine topics such as new trends in Sales, the rela-tionships between members of the supply chains and distribution channels, e-commerce, marketing, decision making, motivation, management of innovation, creativity and technology, green environmen-tal technologies, information and communication technology management, new product / service de-velopment, operation and production management, marketing technology in management and market-ing, strategic management, emerging technologies, organizational behavior, human resource manage-ment, knowledge management, process innovation, enterprise management and marketing, logistics, outsourcing, risk

ISSN No. (Print) : 2349-512X
ISSN No. (Online) : nil
Periodicity : Biannual
Publisher : National Press Associates (NPA)
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