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About Us


National Press Associates is one of the premier leading publishers & distributors and subscription agents of National and International Research Journals & Books on all subjects for Academic, Educational and Professional markets. National press associates journals division is dedicated to innovation in publishing and the sustainability of scholarly journals. We have some of the finest Universities, Research Institutes, Government Libraries, Publishers, Distributors, Bookstores an ever growing number of individuals around the World among our esteemed customers. 

Our highest priority is to make any contact you have with NPA – whether as a book author, A journal editor, A contributor to one of our journals, A customers, or A reader, A pleasant and rewarding experience . NPA through its hard work has built a strong network over a period of time to impart quality services from time to time again to its valued customers, who we take pride in associating with.

It has been our constant endeavour to invent and improvise business strategies for distributing, selling and circulating our products through Direct Marketing - Direct Mail and Door to Door Sales, Internet marketing & Conventional methods like distribution through book sellers and other retail channels.

Vission & Mission:

NPA contributes in the growth and application of research & Technology, by delivering the latest information contained in research papers, which enables them to enhance understanding for advancements in research activities.  

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